We might have encountered an online platform that makes us want to never visit that website or application again. That’s where the user interface (UI) comes into play, it is a point of interaction between the user and the software, computers, or website. 

In a website, UI is every element of a website/app that the user interacts with while navigating a platform. Like texts, icons, buttons, sliders, etc. Fundamentally, a good UI enables users to complete the task they came for on a website with ease. Hence, the importance of a good user interface (UI) website/software. You don’t want your customers to leave you after the first visit because of a bad UI experience.

Therefore, you need a good UI website template that can provide an intuitive, straightforward experience to visitors and increase your SEO & traffic. With Webflow, you will not have to worry about getting anything but the best. Check out these amazing UI Kit Website Templates and create an exceptional user interface website.