Does a musician need a website in the times of social media? Yes, absolutely. If you are a musician and have an online presence via social media platforms then so does every artist. It’s needed, social media is integral to musicians’ success these days. 

However, total reliance on social media is a very common mistake a lot of upcoming musicians/bands make. You don’t want to do that! These platforms, don’t provide you with a website. A virtual space as a one-stop destination or main headquarter, where you are able to provide all the information like tour dates, tickets, merch, discography, and so much more. 

Having a music website isn’t going out of style, social media platforms are trends that come and go. So, if you want to be a permanent fixture, having a website is a must. Webflow has some cool, responsive, musician website templates you can check out here.

Bangwelo – Portfolio Website Template